Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

The search engine marketing is a method, a process that improves the visibility of a website on the web by positionning it in the first results of a search engine (Bing, Yahoo, Google). By positionning it in the first results of an expression of keywords, your website will be visible and seen by a large number of Internet users. This process is therefore essential in any commercial strategy. We can set up the SEOstrong> on Google when we create a new website but it is also possible to intervene on an existing one.

Our SEO services


Our web agency is specialised in search engine optimisation (SEO). We work on your website in order to optimise it and improve its position in the results of the most famous search engines like Google and Bing.

  • First, we make an audit of your website. For instance, we determine what technology it uses and in what way we can intervene.
  • Then we use a tool from Google that allows us to define what expressions are the most favorable to your activity (average number of searches, competition level…).
  • These analysis allow us to make a personnalised quote for an optimal SEO depending on your budget.
  • Once we agree on the expressions to use in the SEO, we work on your site in multiple ways (source code modification, optimisation of content…).
  • We also create a Google My Business form for you. This will allow you to appear in the Google Maps results and give more information on what you do (hours, adress…).
  • From this moment, we proceed to a constant SEO monitoring on your website so it appears on the first page and stays there.

We make Google Analytics follow your website. This tool allows us to obtain a big amount of information on your website's visits. For instance, we can spot the most popular pages, the keywords that brought the users on your website, what browser they use, from what city, etc. You can access this information via your own Google account if you wish. We'll then be able to explain how it works so that you can see the impact of a good SEO yourself.

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Audit of the existing
Our first task will be to make an audit of your website. We'll thus be able to highlight positive of negative points for an optimal SEO (both in terms of content and architecture). From this analysis, our team will be able to intervene on your website and thus to set up a SEO strategy that will make you appear in the first results of the search.

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Semantics study
In order to achieve an optimal Search Engine Optimization for your website, our team will conduct a study of keywords relative to your business. This step will allow us to determine their competition and their relevance in relation to the activity of your website.

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Optimisation of the structure
The architecture of your website is vital in any strategy of Search Engine Optimization for two reasons: it must be easy to navigate, ergonomic and intuitive for all users. It must also be prioritized so that web crawlers can do their job. Indeed, these robots will favor a well coded architecture. Any sloppy architecture will soon be penalized by them.

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Pages markup
The marking of the pages is an important step to make a good SEO. Our team will take care of optimizing the content of these tags.

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Optimized content
For a website to obtain an optimal SEO, it must be interesting for users, but also for robots! It is therefore necessary to add text, photos, videos,… However, do not do anything rash! Try and go to the essential, have a clear, precise, targeted and prioritized content.

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Internal and external links (Netlinking)
Internal links consist in having on your website different links that send directly to other pages thereof. They will allow search engine robots to visit all the pages of your website and to obtain a perfect Search Engine Optimization.
The netlinking strategy aims to increase the number of external links pointing to your website. These can come from institutional and governmental sites, social networks, forums, directories ... This strategy will allow you to increase your PR (Page Rank), develop your reputation on the web and thus gain ground in the search results.


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