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Personal advice
You feel a little lost in this jungle of information, and you do not know where to start or what to choose?
Our professional team is at your disposal and advises you step by step to create the website for you. By our experience and expertise, we establish with you the web marketing strategy to adopt (competitive analysis, market opportunity, keyword analysis). We create with you your editorial and multimedia content (website content, emails, newsletters, videos, photos, sounds, ...), your visual identity (logo, graphic), and realize personal monitoring (optimization of website maintenance). Finally we present to you a detailed analysis of traffic of your website (traffic statistics and conversion). All these skills will allow you to create an optimal and personalized website.

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Social Networks
Today, it becomes necessary for any company wishing to become known on the web to develop a social marketing campaign. ZE-Company team is here to support you in the implementation of this strategy and will help you develop your communication on the various social networks (facebook, twitter, Viadeo, linkedin, instagram, ...) according to your needs.

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Dynamic Content
Having dynamic content is a very interesting way to make your website more attractive and "alive". The contents of a «dynamic» page are defined by:
Adding/deleting products
Adding/deleting items (company news, articles linked to your business)
Adding/deleting information of all kinds (blog style, forum ...)
This dynamic content is therefore a basis for creating an online store, a progressive agenda ... and get a great Search Engine Optimization.

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Medias: pictures, videos, sounds
Pictures and videos are very important to create a website. These make the most lively and attractive content for the website visitors because they convey clear and concise messages. We offer different types of integration of your media: gallery or photo slideshow, video player (internal site or via YouTube/Daily motion), music player (custom player, playergrooveshark/deezer ...). In addition, images and videos play a very important role in Search Engine Optimization strategy.

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Stylish design
Ze-Company team creates your website with a skilled team capable of the most beautiful visual prowess (logo, graphic, ...) which allows us to reach a unique outcome and an excellent visual quality for the visitors of your website.

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Administration area / CMS
To manage your website (add articles, images, price change, ...), there are two modes of administration available to you :
Either you let our team take care of all the administration of your website (monthly or hourly billing)
or we train you to use a content management system (CMS) designed according to your needs so only you can manage your website (charged when creating the site with no management fees thereafter).

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Member’s area
A dedicated member’s area, integrated in your website, will retain your customers and offer various features. For example members of your website can benefit from a private chat, post comments and subscribe to a newsletter.
In addition, by this system, you can create and maintain a database of information about your various clients (address, email, phone number).

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Hosting and Security
Any website needs to be hosted on a server. There are different types of hosting available on the internet (shared, dedicated, and managed or not ...). Our team will provide you with the type of hosting for your website, depending on your needs (volume of traffic, number of simultaneous connections, ...) and safely, to protect your data and those of your customers.


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